[asterisk-dev] ITU V.150.1 (also know as V.MOIP)

Don Fanning don at 00100100.net
Wed Apr 4 04:30:19 MST 2007

The functionality of the spec has been described by the author of the ITU
standards here:

Cisco currently supports it in later versions of IOS:

Some ideas have been discussed on the Digium forums but how one could
implement it is still questioned:

In other parts of the net, some have suggested setting it up using H.323.

As for an asterisk solution, there isn't one.  However, Vonage customers
currently have the luxury of sending MoIP at speeds up to 9k6 according to
their customer forums and that would be fast enough for most applications.

Anyone want to tackle this?

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3 apr 2007 kl. 13.39 skrev Germán Aracil Boned:

> Hello
> Exist any project for make ITU V.150.1 (also know as V.MOIP)  
> support in asterisk ?

Can you please describe the functionality of this standard?

Who has implemented it?

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