[asterisk-dev] Re: [IAX 0007874]: [patch] chan_iax2 ignores "sourceaddress" when "bindaddr" is set to INADDR_ANY (the default).

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Sun Apr 1 15:18:10 MST 2007

----- "Stevenson" <stevens at stevens.it> wrote:
> I cannot bind to a specific IP address, without set the SO_REUSEADDR
> flag to the UDP socket, when INADDR_ANY already bounded. So, if I am
> not wrong, the patch isn't useful without that change.
> This is the only reason to modify netsock.c .

Ah, ok.  Thanks for the explanation.  I'll get that change in now.

Russell Bryant
Software Engineer
Digium, Inc.

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