[asterisk-dev] The New CDR system

Leif Madsen leif.madsen at asteriskdocs.org
Sun Apr 1 05:11:40 MST 2007

On Saturday 31 March 2007 17:37:30 zoachien at securax.org wrote:
> Steve Totaro wrote:
> > Vasil Kolev wrote:
> >> A question that nobody seems to have touched yet on this (and maybe the
> >> reason is that this is not the right discussion :) ), what about a way
> >> to specify a backup storage for the CDR data? For example your DB dies,
> >> and suddenly you can't log it - how does it sound to have another way to
> >> keep the data and to send it to the primary storage when it becomes
> >> available?
> >> (let's face it, everything crashes once in a while, no matter how
> >> foolproof and redundant it's made)
> >
> > Isn't that what DB clustering (Single Quorum) and RAID are for?
> > I suppose a default to write to a rotating log file like queue_log as
> > well as DB clustering would be even safe.

It doesn't need to be very complex, and most of this probably is handled by 
having a multi-master replicated database setup (with PostgreSQL, this 
basically means Slony-II or pgcluster).

The only thing that would really need to be added would be the ability to 
say, "hey, write to this database, but if its not available, write to the 
secondary one". This is done in func_odbc by having more than one writehandle 
which references two separate connections in res_odbc.

Other than that, the rest of the "live backup" stuff is handled by the 
database backend -- not by Asterisk as Steve was alluding to.

Leif Madsen.

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