[asterisk-dev] removing "a=SilenceSupp:off" from SDP headers

Domjan Attila adomjan at tvnet.hu
Thu Mar 2 05:26:32 MST 2006

my provider use huawei softswitch. The Huawei sent a patch and it's okay
now, but the Huawai softswitch still has tons of bugs....


On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 16:32 -0300, Eliel Sardañons wrote:
> Hi, 
>          while trying to use a huawei softswitch, we notice that they have 
> problems with our SDP package header. What we have done was strip from the 
> header the line "a=SilenceSupp:off" and that way things started working 
> right. To accomplish this we commented this line from channels/chan_sip.c: 
> /* ast_build_string(&a_audio_next, &a_audio_left, "a=silenceSupp:off - - - - 
> -\r\n");  */
> Is there a way to show/hide this part of the SDP header from the asterisk 
> configuration? (we couldn't find one) if not, would it be useful to implement 
> it? I'm thinking in a new option in sip.conf which could be used both in 
> [general] and for each account something like 'hidesilencesupp=yes'. What do 
> you think about this?
> Thanks in advance
> PD: Sorry for my english... 
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