[asterisk-dev] Bug 0006563: Asterisk 1.2.4 fails to send request for RFC2833

Ed Greenberg edg at greenberg.org
Tue Feb 28 02:35:37 MST 2006

--On Monday, February 27, 2006 9:12 PM +0100 Olle E Johansson 
<oej at edvina.net> wrote:

> Ed Greenberg wrote:
>> Many thanks for Casper for finding the problem that I referenced in bug
>> 6563.
>> Is there any chance that this change will make it into the released
>> Asterisk, or should I expect always to have to patch it?
> If it is a proper fix for a bug in a release version, it will be of
> course be included.
> However, there are soem doubts about this patch, so please follow up in
> the bug tracker so we can resolve the problem properly.

Thanks, Olle. I saw the comment in the bug tracker. Will follow up there. 

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