[asterisk-dev] What to do with RTCP ????

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Mon Feb 27 11:26:58 MST 2006

>On Mon, Feb 27, 2006 at 10:48:06AM +0100, Olle E Johansson wrote:
>>  The RTCP branch includes improved support of RTCP, but also a 
>>  reporting facility we do not use currently. Would it be useful to add 
>>  this to a channel variable - or even better a CDR variable - so you 
>>  can add it to CDRs and make reports based on it?
>>  /Olle
>Would love to see RTCP stats in a CDR.  Currently have SER parsing RTCP
>reports out and doing "things" with them instead.

1) As far as how Asterisk presents information (regardless of this 
SIP-specific method) I would suggest that the data is available via 
channel variables.  Functions and variables are equally useful as far 
as I'm concerned - is there a reason why one method would be 
preferred over another?

2) How difficult would it be to put the RTCP stats into the "new" 
SNMP structure?  I'm not sure how useful this would be, since 
whatever SNMP query system existed would have to "walk the tree" (or 
be notified via a Manager link of some type) to obtain call lists and 
then monitor the calls.

3) Would a Manager-accessible method make sense here?  I think that 
having the call quality data available to external 
Asterisk-compatible tools would be pretty interesting, and ultimately 
the most useful method to obtain real-time quality information for a 
NOC.  (sorry if this is already in place; I've tested this patch a 
few times, but never tried to see what happens on the manager 

4) If the variables were accessible in the dialplan at hangup, then 
something like my CQDR log could be created by a System call within 
the dialplan...


5) While not directly relevant to how Asterisk implements RTCP stats, 
this may be of interest as a method for many devices in a SIP call 
chain to monitor RTP quality of a particular call:



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