[asterisk-dev] Zap channel naming is way too confusing

James Harper james.harper at bendigoit.com.au
Sat Feb 25 04:36:22 MST 2006

> Personally, I'd like to see different line types given different
> conventions. TDM, PRI, BRI and dummy should not all come under ZAP.
> Will it mean additional work, bloat and maintenance? Yes, but as I see
> them all being different carrier hardware then I don't see why not.
> If nothing else, it will help stop confusion. I can't help feeling
> though, that I am in a minority of one.

When you say TDM I assume you mean TDMoE?

Zaptel, vISDN, mISDN, and Capi all provide PRI and BRI channels, which
would probably make your idea a bit tricky to implement in a way that
isn't nice to work with.


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