[asterisk-dev] Re: TDMoE protocol

Paul Cadach paul at odt.east.telecom.kz
Thu Feb 23 09:03:30 MST 2006


Tony Mountifield wrote:
> Paul Cadach mentioned something about a jitter buffer for TDMoE, but
> I don't know whether he was talking about an idea or some real code.

I mean static jitter buffer I implemented for my platform, but it's not so stable so I can't run it/test it powerful.

> I'm also thinking about a jitter buffer, but it's tricky. I might
> decide to combine ztdummy with ztdynamic/ztd_eth in order to make the
> timing independent of incoming packets or other zaptel devices. The
> jitter buffer only needs to be 1ms or 2ms in length.

My suggestion is to have one buffered packet for provising data on delays and one buffer for packet coming too fast.

Also, as I understand Ethernet's layer 1 encoding isn't linear to data, so two same-size packets with different
information will require slightly different transmission time, and to have exactly one packet per 1 ms isn't possible.


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