[asterisk-dev] How do I sign up as developer on Asterisk ?

Olle E Johansson oej at edvina.net
Tue Feb 21 07:12:24 MST 2006

> The itches that I want to scratch are:
> - Better TDM card (that is zaptel) integration to the peculiar way  
> pstn
> works in Denmark.
> - Minor fix'es to cdr->postgresql. Missing some autoconf stuff.
> - Addition of native postgresql support in RealTime.
> - Jitterbuffer for SIP. A biggie I know but it the lack of it is  
> such a
> drag ...

Before you start, check for existing patches in the bug tracker. We  
already have a jitterbuffer and some realtime drivers in there that  
needs testing.



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