[asterisk-dev] Asterisk applications profiling

Dmytro Mishchenko dioml at dreamtime.net
Mon Feb 20 07:03:46 MST 2006

Hello developers,
I would like to ask about any experience people have profiling Asterisk 
application. I'm interesting in profiling channels and other loadable 
Asterisk modules. Briefly checking gprof the best that I can get is profile 
of the main thread. 

In the net I found description of how gprof can be used with multithreaded 
applications: http://sam.zoy.org/writings/programming/gprof.html
But using LD_PRELOAD doesn't give me desired results. I still see profile of 
the main thread only. I didn't try to insert "setitimer" call manually in 
Asterisk code. Is it the way to go?

If somebody share his experince may be we can create another document like 
CODING-GUIDELINES, README.backtrace which will describe Asterisk specific 
profiling? I belive it'll be usefull for comunity.


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