[asterisk-dev] trunk problem today with sip?

BJ Weschke bweschke at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 19:34:51 MST 2006

On 2/19/06, Rich Adamson <radamson at routers.com> wrote:
> FYI...
> Looks like svn trunk as of this afternoon has an issue maintaining sip
> registration.
> Several Cisco, Snom, ata's, etc, disappear from 'show sip peers' after
> an hour or two, and calls cannot be completed to them. Haven't attempted
> to narrow down the issue as yet.

 Unless I'm missing messages from svn-commit (which seems always a
possibility with gmail lately), it doesn't look like chan_sip.c has
changed today. What was the last version that was working for you?

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