[asterisk-dev] tiger320

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-asterisk at benshaw.com
Sun Feb 19 04:42:09 MST 2006

On Saturday 18 February 2006 12:58, Goran Skular wrote:
> I was wondering for last two days that we can make new breed of Asterisk
> cards based on Tiger 320 chip.. something similar to TDM400 cards with 4
> FXO or FXS modules.

The TJ320 is the main reason there have been so many goddamned problems with 
the TDM400 cards.  The datasheet for the TJ320 specifically indicates it's a 
CHEAP PCI interface.  Not good, CHEAP.  I'd steer clear of those POS chips.

> I am aware of how we can make PCI card with 1 gsm module on it, but I still
> don’t know how digium managed to put 4 SLICs (FXO/FXS) on one Tiger 320
> (using parallel instead of only one serial interface??) ?

Not actually having done it myself nor spent the time looking at the driver 
code to see how they "take apart" the 4 signals, I would guess that the small 
CPLD sitting beside the TJ320 is being used to multiplex the SPI and PCM 
busses.  Not rocket science, but with its own share of challenges, for 
sure.  :-)


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