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Goran Skular goran.skular at slsolucije.hr
Sat Feb 18 10:58:06 MST 2006

Hello to all,


I was wondering for last two days that we can make new breed of Asterisk cards based on Tiger 320 chip.. something similar to TDM400 cards with 4 FXO or FXS modules.


The idea is to use GSM modules instead of SLICs used for analog modem functionality.


With gsm modules we can get everything we need: serial audio port and rs232 port.. we can use wide range of modules.. from tc35 to Motorola g20 and others.


I am aware of how we can make PCI card with 1 gsm module on it, but I still don’t know how digium managed to put 4 SLICs (FXO/FXS) on one Tiger 320 (using parallel instead of only one serial interface??) ?


It will be very interesting products, as gsm gateways with 4 modules nowdays cost about 2000€.. One module is about $70-$100..


And the board can be manufactured for about $100..


That would bring gsm gateway hardware to Asterisk itself, instead of using external gsm gateways…


So, how to connect 4 modules on on board (one Tiger320)?



Goran Skular

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