[asterisk-dev] Calls not queued

Fernando Romo pop at cofradia.org
Fri Feb 17 09:41:38 MST 2006


The number of sip lines is no mather, the call must be send to chanel
Agent/xxxx, not directly to the extension. I check and when Logued with
AgentLogin using a "open channel", the Queue try to send the call to
SIP/xxxx channel in place of the Agent/xxxx and this are a major Bug.

Check the patch's in the following bugs reports:


This erratic behaivor appear to be fixed in SVN trunk in feb/14, but not
applied to 1.2.x branchs yet.

Test with trunk and take the app_queue.c of the trunk and test (i mean
in not production systems) in the 1.2.x branch. the diff between the
app_queue in 1.2.x branch an trunk show may changes.

Best Regards..... Fernando "El Pop" Romo

Dinesh Nair wrote:

> On 02/17/06 16:17 md said the following:
>> - The call rings to SIP/1001 --> I think that this isn't correct. I
>> think that that call must remain in the queue Queue1.
> how many incoming lines is SIP/1001 set to handle ?

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