[asterisk-dev] ICE / Asterisk

Paulo Vicentini vicentini_paulo at yahoo.com.br
Fri Feb 17 07:13:09 MST 2006

  Okay, Asterisk is not a SIP Proxy...
  Even so, working as B2BUA, staying "in the middle of the call," maintaining state and controlling, and optionally bridging, each remote endpoint.
  The point is if the Asterisk working as B2BUA will support ICE.
  EP1==SDP a=candidate===> Asterisk b2bua===XXX===> EP2
  |                                                  |
  |                                                  |     
  Caller SDP:
  Message body
          Session Description Protocol
              Session Description Protocol Version (v): 0
              Owner/Creator, Session Id (o): - 86337988 86338240 IN IP4
              Session Name (s): eyeBeam AudioOnly
              Connection Information (c): IN IP4
              Time Description, active time (t): 0 0
              Media Description, name and address (m): audio 7046 RTP/AVP 18 101
              Media Attribute (a): alt:1 1 : 390B3CD0 000000F5 7046
              Media Attribute (a): alt:2 3 : 825A2196 000000C5 7046
              Media Attribute (a): fmtp:101 0-15
              Media Attribute (a): rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
              Media Attribute (a): sendrecv
  As we can see there are ICE information:
              Media Attribute (a): alt:1 1 : 390B3CD0 000000F5 7046
              Media Attribute (a): alt:2 3 : 825A2196 000000C5 7046
  But these information don't arrived to the called part Therefore the Asterisk (B2BUA) is dropping ICE information from SDP.
  Hence my question is: If I use Asterisk as my B2BUA, is it ICE compliant? Or it will strip the ICE information.

Paul Cadach <paul at odt.east.telecom.kz> escreveu:
  If I remember correctly, Asterisk IS NOT designed to work as SIP proxy. It is the answer to your question.

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  Does Asterisk support ICE - Interactive Connectivity Establishment ?
  I did some tests with eyebeam softphone ( STUN + ICE enabled ) 
  The proxy (Asterisk) seems to be rewriting the SDP and stripping out the ICE parameters in the   SDP (a=candidate
).Thus, all indicates that Asterisk doesn’t support ICE.
  Someone has worked on it?
  Paulo Vicentini 
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