[asterisk-dev] QSIG error -- can somebody explain?

Paul Cadach paul at odt.east.telecom.kz
Thu Feb 16 11:22:59 MST 2006


kpj at junghanns.net wrote:
> >> However:
> >>
> >> The Asterisk libpri is a 'hackup'  as far as Q.931 and EuroISDN goes!
> >> BRI in particular is problematic. Asterisk will not pass EuroISDN
> >> compliance testing etc.
> I beg to differ, the BRIstuffed libpri/asterisk did pass. :)
> Also, the main reason why the "vanilla" libpri/asterisk would not pass
> compliance testing is because of problems with Q.921 not Q.931.

Don't mix PRI and BRI - it have slightly different layer 2 protocols, especially for presence of variable TEI in BRI
instead of "faked" TEI in PRI. Also, BRI is designed to connect user terminals while PRI is designed to connect PBXes.


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