[asterisk-dev] ENUM changes: discussion

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Wed Feb 15 14:13:30 MST 2006

>John Todd wrote:
>>  I was rather hoping to have enum.conf become depreciated, and this
>>  change seems to go backwards a few steps and solidify it's rather
>>  confusing position in the config file directory.
>That's fine... that change came out of a discussion on IRC, and it can
>certainly be put back.
>If it's true that enum.conf is no longer useful, then we'll just get rid
>of the old stuff. Same goes for TXTCIDNAME, if it is no longer needed.

I think that after looking at the other replies to this thread that 
the enum.conf file can go away.  I haven't heard anyone present 
anything that would require the ongoing existence of this file.

So, can this go back to the way it was previously?  Further, I think 
we can kill the enum.conf file entirely, since nothing in there 
should be used by func_enumlookup as far as I can tell.  The 
"default" zone should be "e164.arpa" since that is the true root for 
ENUM (though of course the ENUMLOOKUP function supports whatever zone 
you would like to fill in as an alternate, if you are using something 

PS: Those of you who have an interest in this thread should please 
take a look at http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=5526 - this is a 
patch that seems to be ready to go that extends the ENUMLOOKUP 
function a bit with the carrier extensions.  More testers?


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