[asterisk-dev] Web Based Soft Phone

Shidan shidan at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 17:10:39 MST 2006

> My main responsebilty at work is to write web apps, and you will need to
> learn quite a bit before you are qualified to even think about someone
> else's insecurities.

No I think I'm more than qualified to know about yours. And what does
your day job with  web apps have to do about me knowing that you are a
> BTW, this list is not about web app programming. This list isn't even
> about softphones outside of the asterisk code base. So no, I wasn't
> cutting the person up, but rather trying to cut off the thread before it
> devolved away from our primary topic.

But by trying to boost your own ego, like you usually try, and
knocking other people down. It would lead people to believe you are
pretty sad in other aspects of your life.

> The web browser itself shouldn't allow access to the sound card,
> especially in a recording sort of way. That will probably always be
> directly off limits for security reasons.

The web browser can be used for whatever you require from a
traditional application, see my follow up post. Security wise it's no
different than running an ActiveX or XPCOM component. Nobody enquired
about a web page but a web app. which uses ajax. And you gave a stupid

> Now the downloading and
> running of some other application that happens to be controlled by the
> web browser, might happen, and I think has happened. Of course that
> doesn't get you around the many different versions of Windows
> incompatibilities, linux distros, *bsd systems, Mac, and what ever.

Thats not an issue at all, at worst you can use an abstraction layer
like flash for that component.

The whole moral is when you talk garbage expect people to call you on it.

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