[asterisk-dev] ZAPTEL_OPTIMIZATIONS and generator code

Imran Ahmed codentest at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 15:46:55 MST 2006

Hello All,

While browsing through "file.c", the file streaming code
(ast_readaudio_callback()) I have found that ZAPTEL_OPTIMIZATIONS
(zaptel timer stuff) has been used.
The zaptel timer is not used in the asterisk generator(music on hold)
stuff where incoming audio is used as a timing source for outgoing
audio on a channel.
My question:
Is there any specific reason as to why the zaptel timer stuff was not
used to implement the generator code? ( I believe using zaptel-timer
would eliminate the major reason for disabling silence suppression on
various voip channels).
I have seen in the trunk that recently a generator fd has been added
to the channel structure, Will this fd be used to implement something
similar to the zaptel timer to be used by the generator stuff?

TIA for any form of reply.


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