[asterisk-dev] I want to write code for Asterisk - newbie

Alexander Lopez Alex.Lopez at opsys.com
Tue Feb 14 13:19:02 MST 2006

Welcome aboard!!

I would first look at bugs.digium.com there are plenty of open issues
that need review, and there are many applications that need janitoral

Feel free to download the lastest SVN and look through bugs.digium.com
if you see something you can fix, submit a diff!!

Alex (OpSys) 

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> Hi,
> I am new to asterisk, and I have never contributed to 
> OpenSource s/w. So, I like to fix 'easy/moderate' bugs for 
> astrisk, in order to learn asterisk, and learn how to code 
> for opensource environment. Thanks, I am confortable with 
> C/Linux/ programming. bit new to cvs/svn.
> more specifically, i am looking at Instant Messaging code 
> portion of asterisk.
> thanks.
> roswel
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