[asterisk-dev] IBM BladeServer / Clustered Linux

Senad Jordanovic senad at bicom.us
Mon Feb 13 14:07:04 MST 2006

> We need the borg. We need each Asterisk box to be connected to the
> Hive mind such that all data that is accessible to one is accessible
> in real-time to all. Shared memory structures, message handling.. all
> of that infrastructure needs to be built, and this has to be done at
> wire-speed. I.E. you'll need to be able to switch a call in real-time
> to a new box and have it pick up the processing of the RTP data and
> the voice frames on the next packet.
> That's a tall order!

Yap... I entirely agree. It is too complex. Too many things could go wrong.

There is a better and much simpler way of solving this problem.

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