[asterisk-dev] IBM BladeServer / Clustered Linux

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IMO, some extenal systems need to be changed as well. When one blade fails, the RTP packets needed to routed to a different blade. We done something like this (not with asterisk) using SS7 facilities, and that's only on call passthroughs.

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> However, there is no reason that RealTime cannot be extended to provide
> High Avilability and Fail-Over capabilities between multiple boxes, albeit
> at the expense of losing the calls on a server if one of the nodes bites
> the dust.

This is where we are currently at.  Do you have any sense of how deep or
what particular areas would need to be changed in the core?  Obviously
certain segments would have to be implemented as shared/distributed memory
or some sort of message passing solution.  I'm sorry, I'm only passingly
familiar with some of this stuff, but I'm still curious.  I guess I missed
out by not going to the presentation :)


Robert Bedell

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