[asterisk-dev] chan_misdn state

Tamas jalsot at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 05:30:03 MST 2006


I'm wondering which chan_misdn to use for a production system with
asterisk 1.2 branch. What I know about:
1. chan_misdn in asterisk source tree
2. install-misdn.tar.gz [29-Nov-2005 23:3] on beronet.com
3. install-misdn-mqueue.tar.gz  [25-Jan-2006 12:06] on beronet.com

I'm wondering, because I have seen many svn commits for chan_misdn for
trunk [or at least to team/crichter/0.3.0] as well.

I'm a bit confused with that much of chan_misdn. Could somebody
enlighten which one to track?

Thanks in advance,

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