[asterisk-dev] help with cdr_tds not compiling

Edward Eastman ed at dm3.co.uk
Wed Feb 8 15:17:41 MST 2006

My tdsver.h was installed in /usr/include/freetds by a yum install on centos
4) has which I think explains why I needed to define FREETDS_0_63 (I also
had to add cdr_tds.so to the MODS at the top of the makefile - didn't read
down to the freetds stuff ;)

Given that freetds 0.62 is now over 2 years old is there still a need to
support it?  If we do I guess a change should be made to the makefile to
look in this new location as well as the old one.


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On Tuesday 07 February 2006 09:29, Edward Eastman wrote:
> I've been doing some work on getting cdr_tds to use the new custom
> cdr variables and I think I probably came across this problem - I'm
> not sure that this is the way it _should_ be done, but if you add the
> line:
> #define FREETDS_0_63
> somewhere near the top of cdr_tds.c it should work.  There are
> various ifdef's throughout cdr_tds to make it compatible with both
> newer versions and versions < 0.62, and the logic seems to be a bit
> funny in places.  I'm not sure whether that define should be done
> elsewhere (by freetds headers?) or if it's always been designed to
> work manually.

It's actually in cdr/Makefile and it's attempting to detect the version
number in /usr/include/tdsver.h, specified as TDS_VERSION_NO.
Unfortunately, it's a string, rather than a number, which means we
have to translate it to something else in the Makefile.  Given the
somewhat strange versioning, we attempted to make it work with
later bugfix releases of 0.63.  Note that cdr_tds shouldn't attempt
to build at all, if we aren't able to detect a compatible version.

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