[asterisk-dev] Passing AOC information across channels

Christian Richter christian.richter at beronet.com
Tue Feb 7 09:13:42 MST 2006

> *ISDN spider-sense goes off*
> Are you sure about this?  I can't cite specific references, but a 
> facility message outside the context of a call (including non-call 
> associated signaling connections) seems like it would be a blatant 
> protocol violation.
I think you're partially right, at least for the AOC-E Message. This 
message will come as facility message in the Release or Release_complete 
probably. I'll try to figure that out.

Still if the Disconnect message results in a hangup, the AOC Info which 
is in the Release_complete will be lost.. so what should we do then?  my 
proposed idea a way of out-of-band data transmission, which could fix 
that problem and probably others as well.

> I'll tell you what, I haven't been able to figure which specs to look 
> at for this.  If you (or someone else that knows which ones we're 
> referring to) can give me an idea of which documents to look at, I'll 
> go through them to see if I can offer another opinion on the matter 
> (ETSI references, URLs, etc, ITU-T doc numbers, anything).
Anyway there are ISDN Specs defining Broadcast Facility Messages which 
might happen outside of a call time-scale.


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