[asterisk-dev] Re: Distributed Asterisk

Stefan Märkle stefan.maerkle at netpioneer.de
Mon Feb 6 12:41:12 MST 2006

In article <43E77605.5070807 at caselaboratories.com> you wrote:
> Are there any plans of making a distributed version of Asterisk?
> A version where you can run line interface only on n computers and have 
> the Call-Control/PABX on a sentralized one.
> If so, any plans for redundancy on E1/T1's ?

Hmm. What exactly is it that IAX does? Or even TDMoE if you like?
Nothing stops you from doing so, you don't need any
multi-server-internal-communication overhead like corba or the like to
achieve this goal. Good design helps.


Stefan Märkle <stefan.maerkle at netpioneer.de>

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