[asterisk-dev] Passing AOC information across channels

Frank Sautter asterisk at sautter.com
Mon Feb 6 01:44:26 MST 2006

hello christian,

many thanks for your excellent description of the problem and your 
design proposal!

Christian Richter schrieb:
> Post-Call Tracker Architecture Draft
> ====================================
looks good for me, even though it would me more elegant to have this 
done by the normal bridge, but as a change in the bridge would have an 
much bigger impact on all channel drivers, i think your proposed 
solution solves the AOC problem with less hassle.

> One famous example is the ISDN AOC message. After an ISDN call (after
> Release_complete), there may occure AOC facilities. An AOC facility contains
> billing information.
as far as i know AOC is sent with the disconnect or the release message.

 > * configfile idea
 > -----------------
i would separate PCT from AOC processing (config files and source code) 
to be more flexible with the AOC part, as there are many possible ways 
AOC could work:
* simple generation of CDR, no forwarding
* pass through of AOC to the other leg
* computations on the incoming AOC (y = a*x + b)
* own AOC computations based on time and destination
* source based AOC computations

these are just some thoughts on what should be possible with AOC in 
asterisk. i know this can not be implemented in the first shot, just to 
keep this in mind when designing the software.

  frank sautter

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