[asterisk-dev] Asterisk TCP

Olle E Johansson oej at edvina.net
Sun Feb 5 04:07:22 MST 2006

5 feb 2006 kl. 11.33 skrev asterisk_dev:

> Hi;
> I've seen on bugs.digium.com the main developer is going to be  
> busy, and I'd like to take over this. I've experience developing  
> protocols over Linux (have done OSPF and BGP implementations). Do  
> everybody agree?

The patch in the bug tracker is not really a good start, but can be  
seen more as a proof-of-concept experiment.

A good start would be helping analyzing what needs to be done to  
support SIP/TCP, how we can handle switching from UDP
to TCP in midcall, how we can make the channel aware of the socket  
bindings and stop retransmissions and other things
that the TCP layer will handle. We also need to handle closing of  
sockets for registrations dynamically, so we have a
mechanism that somehow caches connections and manages them properly,  
I would guess the same thing as any
http server has to do with clients that wants to keep connections open.

The TCP implementation requires quite a lot of work to be done  
properly and that patch implements some, but very
little of what is required. SIP over TCP needs the new socket  
interface that Kevin has on hist to-do list and a serious
change of chan_sip internals, which is on my to-do list under the  
project name "chan_sip3".

Both the IPv6 and the SIPS support puts a lot of requirements on the  
sip channel code.

When that groundwork is done, it's time for TCP and TLS.


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