[asterisk-dev] RE: 5, 000 concurrent calls system rollout question

Matt Riddell (IT) matt.riddell at sineapps.com
Fri Feb 3 04:37:20 MST 2006

We tend to top out between 600 and 650 calls per server with higher
ulimit -n but otherwise pretty stock.

This is using predictive mode, so the call starts are somewhat spaced.

However, if run in calls per second mode we rarely get above 50 calls
per second without the Asterisk box dumping core.

For SineDialer Enterprise, we just create a pool of Asterisk servers,
test each one's capabilities, then load it into the pool.  We then
distribute the load amongst the various machines depending on how close
they are to their preset limits.

5000 calls in one system seems not to bean impossible number, although I
would question the rate at which calls are started.


Matt Riddell

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