[asterisk-dev] Username found for SIP incoming calls also in "type=peer" sections

Olle E Johansson oej at edvina.net
Fri Feb 3 00:24:49 MST 2006

It is a well documented feature that we match incoming calls this way

1) First match on user username and SIP From username, not domain
2) Then match on peer's IP to find a peer
3) If we can't match either a user by name or a peer by IP, we will  
send the call
     to the context defined in [general] or, if no context is defined  
in general, to a
    context named "default"

We do not match on peers by name for incoming calls. At least, we  
should not
according to the sources. According to me, we should and will do that  
in order to
remove the need to have users and friends, but that is another issue.


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