[asterisk-dev] NFAS Implementation Spanning Multiple Servers

Steve Totaro stotaro at totarotechnologies.com
Thu Feb 2 16:04:35 MST 2006

Hello Dev Folks,
Recently I asked a question on the list about NFAS being able to span
across multiple servers.  Kevin F said that this was something in the
works and should show up very soon.
I have a real need for this.  I have a T3 going into an Adtran MX2800
and then into seven asterisk boxes with quad T1 cards.  The way things
are now, I need seven D channels to go PRI.  
Problem:  Our carrier charges $100/mo per D channel.
1.  Lose PRI alltogether and get straight T3
2.  Pay the money (there has to be a better way $8,000 is too much)
3.  Buy a high end Adtran that can break the T3 D channel into one D
channel per T1 port which would pay itself off in about three years if
my estimates are correct.
4.  Get Kevin motivated enough (or anybody else for that matter) to get
NFAS to be able to span multiple servers.  This could be in exchange for
a $$$ bounty, case study, testimonial or whatever.
Background of usage:
We are developing a call center with a T3, 300 agents, custom apps for
skills based routing.  We are also developing another app for flipping
incoming agents to an outgoing campaign on the fly in realtime based on
call volumes and historical trends.  Another idea is to use the CID
information to query some of the large database companies out there that
collect data so we have some information about the caller as soon as the
call comes in.  
We will be willing to GPL our source in exchange for the NFAS feature as
a barter, pay for it, or whatever.  Make some suggestions please people.
Maybe I am missing somehting.
Steve Totaro

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