[asterisk-dev] RFC: move struct ast_format to include/asterisk/file.h ?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Thu Feb 2 08:02:59 MST 2006

Luigi Rizzo wrote:

> - all formats redefine their own ast_filestream, but there is a
>   dangerous overlay of structures, and duplicated or unused fields
>   (e.g. there is no check in the code to make sure that
>   AST_RESERVED_POINTERS is large enough to accommodate the
>   struct ast_filestream in file.c; some ast_filestream have a leftover
>   but unused 'owner' field; all ast_filestream have
>   a FILE *f field which should be moved to the main descriptor);

Yes, this has been around since before I got involved, and it does seem 
dangerous to me as well :-)

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