[Asterisk-Dev] Manager documentation / examples for detecting calls

Jean-Hugues ROBERT jean_hugues_robert at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 30 00:52:42 MST 2005


When dealing with dial events, you may want to use the Manager API
Getvar command to access the "DialedNumber" channel variable.



At 11:07 08/06/2005 +0100, you wrote:
>I'm trying to write a small app that can detect when a particular
>extension gets/makes a call, and when that call terminates.
>I couldn't find any docs for the manager API other than listings of some
>of the events etc.  I've got as far as making the connection, reading
>the events etc.
>What I'd like to know, is, to detect a call to, say, 'SIP/Paul', which
>event(s) would I look for  (currently trying to detect 'dial'), and
>which event say the call is terminated.  i.e. which event(s) I should be
>using to detect the start of a call and detect the end of that call.
>I currently look at the dial event, track the uid, but dial does not
>always seem to provide the info I need, and it often occurs several
>Rather than stumble through guessing what events I should probably be
>reading and wasting time, can someone possibly point me in the right
>direction or provide an example or the recommended events?
>Many thanks,
>Paul Smith
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