[Asterisk-Dev] [ANNOUNCE]Asterisk-ooh323c driver version 0.2 release

Vishal Phirke vphirke at obj-sys.com
Tue Jun 28 18:08:18 MST 2005

Hi All,
Objective Systems has released Asterisk-ooH323c version 0.2, an H.323 channel driver for Asterisk.  This driver is compatible with the latest patch release of Asterisk (1.0.8) and is based on the Objective Systems Open Source H.323 stack (ooH323c).  This stack is developed in C and contains only the code necessary to set up H.323 signaling channels.  All media processing is handled by Asterisk itself. This provides scalability for H.323 calls that will depend primarily on the capability
of Asterisk to handle media streams. Users should see call volume handling that is similar in magnitude to what can be handled by SIP.  The channel driver and stack can be downloaded from http://www.obj-sys.com/open.
Vishal Phirke
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