[Asterisk-Dev] notch / high pass filter addition to zaptel

Kelly McDonald w4kpm at adelphia.net
Tue Jun 28 11:59:02 MST 2005


I've got a cheapo x100p substitute, (sorry for being cheap), 

everything is working fine with it, had some echo but aggressive echo
correction fixed this.

The only issue I have left is a ~60hz hum that seems to be coming from
the card itself (bad ps bypassing is my guess)

I was wondering about adding a high pass filter or notch filter
somewhere in zaptel, I see that there is already a notch filter set up
and being used in  ztcfg-dude.c 

I'm just wondering if there are any pointers anyone would have for me in
my attempt to do this, or perhaps this has already been done, and I
should just 'flip a switch' somewhere. 

Thanks for any suggestions.


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