[Asterisk-Dev] CVS Head-- Dialplan disappeared! -- RESOLUTION

Eric Wieling aka ManxPower eric at fnords.org
Mon Jun 27 18:18:28 MST 2005

James Golovich wrote:

> On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, Steve Murphy wrote:
>>Here I answer my question:
>>QUESTION_ If there's a syntax error in the extensions.conf file, won't
>>it tell you?
> There should be some kind of message printed in the logs, but sometimes
> its not exactly obvious.  The message you probably got was "No category
> context for line X of extensions.conf"
> I uncovered the fact that it drops everything when working on a memory
> leak related to config parsing.  There needs to be a decision made about
> how we handle these cases.  Do we assume that if theres a bad line that
> the whole file is junk?  Should we just ignore invalid lines?  Maybe
> process everything up to the error and ignore the rest?
> I'm not sure what the right answer is.

all the config files seem to ignore invalid lines.  I used to think 
this was a bad thing.  Until I wrote an external application that 
parses voicemail.conf to do something, but needed additional 
information for the mailbox that is not normally in voicemail.conf.  I 
just added the info and asterisk ignored what it doesn't understand.

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