[Asterisk-Dev] GPL Violation alert..

Rob Thomas rob at wpm4l.com
Sun Jun 26 05:33:19 MST 2005

Earlier today (my time) I was assisting a user on IRC with problems with
his (probably broken) X100 card, and he mentioned it was a 'version 2'
X100. I was pointed to 


This is run by the ebay username 'asterisk_hardware', and he/she's
selling these motorolla based modems on ebay as 'New Generation X100P's'

Inside the archive is a modified wcfxo.c (called wcfxo2.c), a
'wcfxo2-module.c' and a closed-source, binary module 'wcfxo2-core.o'.
This -core.o is linked with the wcfxo2.c as part of the build process.

ld -r wcfxo2-core.o wcfxo2-module.o -o wcfxo2-helper.o

Tadaah. GPL Violation. Yay for the viral GPL. There doesn't seem to be
anything in the 'core' apart from the actual kernel module loading
functions, and a big blob of text saying that you should only use if if
you've bought the hardware from this certain guy.

[root at gw wcfxo2]# nm wcfxo2-core.o
00000000 T decode
00000010 b inb
0000001c b init
0000000c b inl
00000050 T kernel_module_wcfxo2_func
00000251 T kernel_module_wcfxo2_func2
000002e2 T kernel_module_wcfxo2_initialize
00000060 D kernel_module_wcfxo2_pci_tbl
00000020 D key
00000018 b outb
00000014 b outl
00000004 b printk
00000008 b printk2
00000000 d text
00000000 b udelay
00000040 D wcx100p
[root at gw wcfxo2]#

IF the file accidently vanishes, I've mirrored it here:


md5sum is:
a635a571107391f8400ca52607125e59  wcfxo2.tgz


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