[Asterisk-Dev] new problem with dialplan timeout

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Sat Jun 25 20:17:11 MST 2005

> >    -- Executing Goto("Zap/23-1", "nancymenu|s|1") in new stack
> >    -- Goto (nancymenu,s,1)
> >    -- Executing Answer("Zap/23-1", "") in new stack
> >    -- Executing Set("Zap/23-1", "TIMEOUT(response)=7") in new stack
> >    -- Response timeout set to 7
> >    -- Executing BackGround("Zap/23-1", "clark-nancymain") in new stack
> >    -- Playing 'clark-nancymain' (language 'en')
> >  == Auto fallthrough, channel 'Zap/23-1' status is 'UNKNOWN'
> >    -- Hungup 'Zap/23-1'
> Here is your clue: "Auto fallthrough". This actually changed quite some 
> time ago when Mark added autofallthrough support, and made the default 
> 'yes'.
> You have two options: add 'autofallthrough=no' to the [general] section 
> of your dialplan, or use WaitExten() instead of running off the end of 
> the context when you want to accept input from the caller.

I'm not the OP, but I had autofallthrough=no in [general] and that didn't 
actualy restore the original asterisk mode. I get exactly the same thing
as the OP above. I "had to" add the WaitExten which did correct the issue.

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