[Asterisk-Dev] patch for the Asterisk Manager Interface Overf low

mattf mattf at vicimarketing.com
Fri Jun 24 19:34:20 MST 2005

>Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>> In my opinion it's not dangerous at all, but I'll leave it to Russell to
>> make the official statement.

>There is no specific change that I am worried about.  The most dangerous
>thing about this release is that it probably contains more fixes than
>any of the other past releases.  However, I have not received any
>reports of anything not working correctly in this release.

I was not very happy with the major changing of how Local/ channels are
handled and displayed, and without so much as a notice anywhere about it. I
posted a bug two weeks ago about it(http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=4529)
but no one looked at it. Yes everything works, but it broke several of our
add-ons that depended on the behavior that existed in 1.0.7. I have had to
make many alteration to lots of our code to accomodate this new version
while still working with older versions. 

It bothers me that changes like this and the CallerID change in Release
1.0.5(that was undone in 1.0.6) happen without much chance for comment and
without much justifcation as to why they are being made in a Stable tree.


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