[Asterisk-Dev] patch for the Asterisk Manager Interface Overflow

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Fri Jun 24 07:08:16 MST 2005

Santiago José Ruano Rincón wrote:

> I need the patch that fix Asterisk Manager Interface Overflow [0]
> against asterisk 1.0.7 to build the debian packages. I tried to look for
> it on bugs.digium.com, asterisk-cvs mailing list and the cvs logs, but I
> couldn't find it. Anyone could help me to find it?

I would strongly encourage you to just put 1.0.8 in your packages 
instead, but if you must backport this fix to 1.0.7, look for a CVS 
commit to cli.c with a log message of 'rewrite buggy parse_args() routine'.

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