[Asterisk-Dev] Dial returning DIALSTATUS of NOANSWER and not BUSY

Michael Loftis mloftis at wgops.com
Thu Jun 23 13:03:03 MST 2005

My Dial() command seems to have stopped returning a BUSY status and instead 
reports NOANSWER in the DIALSTATUS variable in a number of conditions where 
it once reported BUSY.  Most notably when a SIP client is on an outbound 
call it seems to report NOANSWER rather than BUSY, but not if it's on an 
inbound call.  One Asterisk server here doing/handling all of the SIP 
traffic too.  My asterisk version reports as

Asterisk CVS-v1-0-10/12/04-12:29:14 built by root at pbx0 on a i686 running 

which I'm pretty sure to be wrong -- I still make my own builds off the 
v1-0 tag in CVS and it seems that the version number doesn't properly 

I can't find any way to search Mantis either, so it could be I'm just 
having an entirely stupid day.  But I've had no less than six incidents of 
people being on the phone, a new call coming in and getting a NOANSWER 
status rather than a BUSY status when they were definitely BUSY.

Any open bugs relating to this?
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