[Asterisk-Dev] Call Queue Completed calls and service level %

Asterisk asterisk at dotr.com
Wed Jun 22 06:53:15 MST 2005

I've been looking at our call queue stats, and think that there may be 
some problems with the code - perhaps I am wrong (I am a "C" newbie) but 
would ask someone to look over my comments.

The number of calls recorded in "Completed" is way too high - and the 
service level % is way too low :)

I've looked at the code in app_queue.c and have the following questions:

The "callscompleted" field is updated by the "update_status" function, 
as you can see below:

static int update_status(struct ast_call_queue *q, struct member 
*member, int status)
        struct member *cur;

        /* Since a reload could have taken place, we have to traverse 
the list to
                be sure it's still valid */
        cur = q->members;
        while(cur) {
                if (member == cur) {
                        cur->status = status;
                        if (!q->maskmemberstatus) {
                                        "Queue: %s\r\n"
                                        "Location: %s\r\n"
                                        "Membership: %s\r\n"
                                        "Penalty: %d\r\n"
                                        "CallsTaken: %d\r\n"
                                        "LastCall: %ld\r\n"
                                        "Status: %d\r\n"
                                        "Paused: %d\r\n",
                                q->name, cur->interface, cur->dynamic ? 
"dynamic" : "static",
                                cur->penalty, cur->calls, cur->lastcall, 
cur->status, cur->paused);
                cur = cur->next;
        return 0;

However, this function is called when there is a "busy" (and possibly no 
answer) on the extension being dialled - surely a call cannot be marked 
as completed until it has been put through to an agent ? I notice that 
there is a "handled" field that is incremented only if there is a 
connection made to an agent. So, should  q->callscompleted++; be taken 
out of update_status and put where handled++; is ?

As for the service level, I think that it is far too low because the 
callscompleted is far to high. I notice that the callscompletedinsl is 
being updated in recalc_holdtime, which is called when the call is 
actually put through to the agent.

If callscompletedinsl is being updated here, shouldn't callscompleted be 
as well, and not in the update_status ?

Go easy ... :)


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