[Asterisk-Dev] Recent CVS-HEAD breaks SIP Registration

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Wed Jun 22 01:20:22 MST 2005

Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 22, 2005 at 01:00:45AM -0500, Brian Capouch wrote:
>>I just reverted to test the hypothesis that it was in fact a code change 
>>and not a change on their end.
>>SIP registration with iconnecthere works fine with CVS-HEAD of 6/13.
>>Fails with current CVS, and has for a couple of days.  It gives the 
>>following error, repeated multiple times then stopping, showing status 
>>"Failed" on sip "show registry:"

It was a case mismatch; iconnecthere was sending back the digest with 
the string: DIGEST realm="deltathree.com"

Ashamed to say I'm not sure what the case-insensitive analog of strstr 
might be; I'll let the Big Boys fix this. . . .

Thanks for your help.


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