[Asterisk-Dev] Recent CVS-HEAD breaks SIP Registration

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Tue Jun 21 23:00:45 MST 2005

I just reverted to test the hypothesis that it was in fact a code change 
and not a change on their end.

SIP registration with iconnecthere works fine with CVS-HEAD of 6/13.

Fails with current CVS, and has for a couple of days.  It gives the 
following error, repeated multiple times then stopping, showing status 
"Failed" on sip "show registry:"

Jun 22 00:50:26 NOTICE[13999]: chan_sip.c:4570 sip_reg_timeout:    -- 
Registration for '14082152799 at natrelay.deltathree.com' timed out, trying 
again (Attempt #1)
Jun 22 00:50:26 WARNING[13999]: chan_sip.c:7767 reply_digest: missing 
Jun 22 00:50:26 NOTICE[13999]: chan_sip.c:8062 handle_response_register: 
Failed to authenticate on REGISTER to 
'14082152799 at natrelay.deltathree.com' (Tries 1)



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