[Asterisk-Dev] IAX codec negociation (again...)

Goldenear goldenear at free.fr
Mon Jun 20 13:35:07 MST 2005

Rich Adamson a écrit :

>>>If you define your iax channel in terms of type=user and type=peer, you
>>>can define your codec preference. At least it works for iax links to
>>>other asterisk boxes, so presumably it works with iax clients as well.
>>So it should also be possible to define the codec preference for 
>>incoming and outgoing if you define the iax channel in terms of 
>>type=friend, isn't it ?
>If I understood your question, no. There is no way to specify a different
>codec for incoming vs outgoing calls using type=friend. But, I'm not
>sure what real reason one would have for using two different codec
>preferences like this.
You did not understant. I want the opposit: defining the same codec(s) 
for both incomming and outgoing for a peer using "type=friend". But at 
he moment it doesn't work. If a peer is defined with "type=friend", the 
"allow=" line(s) in the [peer] section only has effect for outgoing 
calls (originating from this peer). For incomming call (routed to this 
peer in the dialplan), the codec(s) defined with the "allow=" line(s) of 
the [general] section of iax.conf apply.



I would like that, with this, all the calls comming from or going to 
phone1 only use gsm or ilbc (even if phone1 support other codecs). A the 
moment, this only impacts calls coming from phone1. Call going to phone 
1 are only impacted by the codec choice in the [general] section and of 
course the codec(s) supported by the phone.

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