[Asterisk-Dev] IAX codec negociation (again...)

Goldenear goldenear at free.fr
Mon Jun 20 05:33:54 MST 2005


I wondering if codec negociation will soon be better in asterisk. I've 
installed the lastest CVS version of asterisk and I still have a problem:
user A wants to call user B
user A supports alaw, ulaw and gsm (with gsm as prefered codec)
user B only supports ulaw
So I guess that, theorically, user A could switch from gsm (prefered 
codec) to ulaw when calling user B (as it's the only commonly supported 
codec). This would avoid codec translation and could permet native bridging.

At the moment asterisk never does that and the call path is like this :

user A (iax2/gsm) --- (iax2/gsm) asterisk (iax2/ulaw) -- (iax2/ulaw) user B

Too bad :(

I'm not a programmer, but I guess this problem could be solved very 
easily. This would make asterisk better and could save many cpu and 
bandwidth :)

Please, let me know if somebody is working on this and if they are some 
patches I can test.



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