[Asterisk-Dev] How to fetch Parent channel when channel is in Ringing/Dial State

Naveed Latif infinilogic at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 09:27:33 MST 2005


  Using Asterisk Manager API, When any channel is in Ringing or in
Dialing state, How we can find its parent channel information.

Event: Newchannel
Channel: IAX2/smith/4
State: Ringing
CallerID: "smith"
Uniqueid: 1119020850.1

Event: Newstate
Channel: IAX2/smith/4
State: Up
CallerID: "smith"
Uniqueid: 1119020850.1

In above stack trace, there is no information about the parent channel.

Thanks in Advance.
Naveed Latif

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