[Asterisk-Dev] agent calls not recorded as agent-

Asterisk asterisk at dotr.com
Fri Jun 17 07:33:42 MST 2005

We upgraded to cvs-head a couple of days ago, but haven't changed the 
config files at all.

Prior to the upgrade, all inbound calls to our call queues were 
recorded, and the filename was like "agent-6043-1109793719-24472.gsm". 
After the upgrade, the filename is now "1109793719-24472.gsm"

What do I need to change, (or can I) to get back to the "old" naming 
convention - it was really useful to see the agent number as part of the 

I've been poking around the source code to no avail - in chan_agent I've 
  put some diagnostics around:

agent_read: line 487 ..

         if (recordagentcalls && f == &answer_frame)
                 ast_verbose(VERBOSE_PREFIX_3 "starting to monitor");

but I never get the "starting to monitor" notice appear. If I move it 
out of the if statement, the message does appear on the console. So this 
would seem to indicate that the f == &answer_frame is never true 
(recordagentcalls is -1, I did check that).

My knowledge of C is very limited ... as you can guess.

Help would be most appreciated.


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