[Asterisk-Dev] chan_capi-cm-0.5 release announcement

Armin Schindler armin at melware.de
Thu Jun 16 00:02:35 MST 2005

Hi all,

I would like to announce the first release of the chan_capi
channel driver on sourceforge.net

The package is available for download with name 
and is the current CVS HEAD.

It is derived from the chan_capi-0.4.0PRE1 of kapejod.

The main changes are:
- complete rework
- fix race-conditions
- fix call state handling
- rework of debug/verbose messages
- added capiFax feature (provided by Frank Sautter)
- auto-config (compile and work with Asterisk CVS-HEAD and older versions)
- use with ELinOS cross-toolbox and project handling

For the versioning, I have decided to use the name extention 'cm' to avoid
confusion with kapejod's version.
This first release is 0.5 (not 0.1) because the base is 0.4.0.
Only the major and the minor number will be used. The exception to have a 
third number (patch-version) will be added for fixup-patches only.

Feedback welcome.


PS: sorry for cross-posting.

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