[Asterisk-Dev] Enable digital ISDN calls with .call-files

Daniel Nyström daniel.nystrom at westel.se
Wed Jun 15 04:36:24 MST 2005


With help of Peter Svensson we got digital ISDN calls to work with .call-files and "Zap/g1d/12345678"-type, which does not work at all with 1.0.6 (probably not 1.0.7 either since it looks the same).

It seems like the following row in chan_zap.c is the problem:
   p->digital = ast_test_flag(ast, AST_FLAG_DIGITAL);

The problem seems to be when bridging; the outgoing channel flag are overwritten by the incoming channel flag, which probably is right most times, but not when using .call-files of some reason.

I've tried to change = into |= to OR the flag instead, which seems to help!

Now the call is made digitally, and it doesn't seem to affect regular calls since my server has been running like this for a month with > 100 calls/day.

But after using ZapRAS all incoming sound from calls are like robots. Outgoing sound is still fine. Shouldn't have anything to do with the flag though. I think it was exactly like this even before.

Maybe to be fixed prior the release of 1.0.8?

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